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Check out Pastor Jason's blogs: Ponderings of a Pilgrim Pastor & Calvin & the Confession.

The Resurrection of Jesus:

Three Things We All Need This Easter an article from Pastor Jason 

Resurrection Transformation: Some Events Change Everything!

Special Easter Edition of "The Sound of Faith" - Listen or Download  

The Patience of Jesus with Thomas' Doubts and Ours

The Resurrection of Jesus is a Real, Historical Event: Consider the Evidence

Here I Stand: God the Creator and Christ My Redeemer


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A Topic to Study: End Times

A Defense of Reformed Amillenialism (Refuting Postmillenialism) by Prof. David J. Engelsma

Abraham, Israel & the Church by Paul Williamson

Answers to Questions About Eschatology by Kim Riddlebarger

A Present or Future Millenium? by Kim Riddlebarger

Amillenialism by Prof. Robert B. Strimple 

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A Topic to Consider: Social Media Use

A Social Media Heart Check by Tim Challies

Owning Your Social Media Habit by Tim Challies

How Your Social Media Use Hurts Your Kids by Kara Powell on

Should a Christian Use Social Networking Tools? by

The One Indispensible Rule for Using Social Media by Kevin DeYoung 

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Good Places to Study Online: NOT False Prophets

As a follow-up to my recent sermon and blog post on false prophets, I want to share some helpful web sites where you can find excellent teaching online:

Power of the Word: A new site from Dr. Peter Lillback and Westminster Theological Seminary

Third Milennium Ministries: Pastoral-level education available in numerous languages

Monergism: A huge site with thousands of links to audio resources and articles on every topic in theology

Ligonier Ministries: The web site of Ligonier Ministries & Dr. R.C. Sproul

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A Topic for Study: Covenant Theology

A Simple Explanation of Covenant Theology by

Covenant Theology: 12 Lectures by Ligon Duncan, FPC, Jackson

Introduction: On Covenant Theology by J.I. Packer

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A Topic to Consider: New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions by Paul Tripp

Ten Questions (PLUS) to Ask at the Start of a New Year by Don Whitney

My Greatest Hope for 2013: No Change at All by Joe Thorn

Every Moment in 2013, God Bill Be Doing 10,000 Things in Your Life by John Piper 

* * * * * 

A Topic to Study: The Incarnation

On the Incarnation by Athanasius

Thinking About the Incarnation by Kenneth R. Samples

The Incarnation of Christ by Brian Schwertley

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A Topic to Study: Evidence for God in Creation

Nature Reveals the Creator by ICR

Proof of God: Design Detection from All About Creation

Evidence for God's Existence by J. Hampton Keathley, III - lengthy and somewhat technical but very informative

Is God Real? Does Science Answer 'Is There a God?' by Richard Deem

* * * * * 

A Topic to Study: The Problem of Evil

Overview - The 5 Responses to the Problem of Evil by Michael Patton

The Problem of Evil by John MacArthur (video lecture) from the 2007 Ligonier National Conference

Bringing Christ into the Problem by Gene Edward Veith, a more personal approach

The Problem of Evil by Dr. Greg Bahnsen

The Problem of Evil on the Blue-Letter Bible, with insights from John Frame, John Piper & R.C. Sproul

Short Video Answer (7 1/2 mins.) by Ravi Zacharias:


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A Topic to Study: The Sabbath 





Other Articles Worth Reading:

Free Five Solas Desktop Wallpaper for October from

Do You Feel Like a Fraud? by Ed Welch on CCEF's Blog

Presumptuous Parenting by David Murray

Hodge's Six Methods of Sanctification by Joe Thorn

Americans Confused on the Numbers of Muslims, Mormons, etc. from Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

8 Rules for Growing in Godliness by Joe Thorn

Driving the Churches Away by Tim Challies - First it was New York City, and now it is Toronto driving churches out of schools. 

Christian Character and Good Arguments by Michael Horton



President Obama and the Rhetoric of the Gay Marriage Debate by Denny Burk


Fighting Sin with God in Your Sanctification by Tony Reinke

Sin Wants to Be Your Friend by Tim Challies

3 Ways We Must Handle Conflct - Actively. Diligently. Immediately. by Robert D. Jones

Is Gun Control a Pro-Life Issue? by Russell Moore

Why is Love so Stupid? by Ed Welch

5 Questions to Ask of a Book by Tim Challies -  a great guide to how to select quality Christian books

Sinners in a Fishbowl by Barnabus Piper - a good article on the lives of Pastor's Kids (PKs)

Why Racial Justice is a Gospel Issue by Russell Moore

Guard Your Purity by John MacArthur

What Kind of God Would Condemn People to Eternal Torment? by Tim Challies

What is Marriage? - a very helpful and edifying article

Open Letter to Sam Harris: a pastor with cancer writes a compelling letter to atheist Sam Harris on the subject of death.

8 Things Contentment Opposes by Tim Challies - from Jeremiah Burroughs' The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

How to Backslide in 9 Easy Steps by Tim Challies

Why Should a Mother Pray for Her Children with Her Children? by Brian Croft

7 Things in the Church That Will Not Change by Thom Rainer

The 10 Most Unbelieved Letters in the Bible by David Murray

Your Spiritual Life Depends Upon Killing Sin - part of an excellent series by Tim Challies on John Owen's classic work

This Momentary Marriage: The Story of Ian and Larissa - from DesiringGod

The Lord our God, the Lord is One: The Simplicity of God by Sinclair Ferguson

Back to the Basics of Worship: Reformed Chameleons? by Jon D. Payne

The Essential: Trinity by Tim Challies - Defining the Trinity

God-Centered Preaching by Nathan W. Bingham - People are starving for the greatness of God,” observes John Piper . . .

How to Love When You're Feeling Shy - podcast from CCEF

Ashamed and Disappointed: a powerful article on abortion by Tim Challies

What Should I Do When Feeling Completely Overwhelmed? by RC Sproul,  Jr.

31 Days: from Frontline Missions, a very helpful map resource for praying for the persecuted church

Know Your Sin - a challenge to identify, confront and battle your sin together with other Christians

Feeling Guilty? Who Doesn't? by Ed Welch

6 Reasons to Be a Faithful Member of a Local Church by Paul Tautges

The Gospel Test: Do Your People Really Know the Good News? - by Greg Stier, ChristianPost

Should Christians Boycott Starbucks? by Russell Moore

Dads, Sing Like You Mean it Because Your Kids Are Watching - by Stephen Altrogee

Love Is . . . - a list for married couples from Paul Tripp

The Subtle Art of Sabotaging a Pastor - a powerful and clever article, written "Screwtape Letters"-style by Jared Wilson

How to Listen to a Sermon - a wise, witty and very helpful article 

Does Reformation Theology Breed Disunity? by Trevin Wax

The Variegated Nature of Faith by Thabiti Anyabwile

The Theological Commons Digital Library - over 50,000 books

Fighting Sin Hurts by Ed Welch

What do you look at more, Jesus or your idols? by Josh Blount on The Blazing Center

30 Books Every Christian Should Read 

20 Ways Satan May Try to Destroy You This Week by Paul Tautages

10 Digital Commandments by David Murray, taken from Digital Leader by Eric Qualman  good insights!

Myth and Reality in the Persecution of Christians Worldwide: A good report from the Catholic Reporter.

Christians and Non-Christians, Married by Ed Welch

It is Not Wrong to Question Your Pastor by Mark Altrogge

Why Studying the Bible Won't (Necessarily) Change Your Life by Trevin Wax

God's Dupes? by Ravi Zacharias - Is the Christian faith intellectual nonsense? Are Christians deluded?

Is Your Marriage a Place of Trust? by Paul Tripp


Bible Study Resources:

Bible Gateway

Bible Study Tools

Blue Letter Bible

Christ Notes


Articles, Devotionals, Sermons, Resources & More:

The Aquila Report

Ligonier Ministries: R.C. Spoul

Third Millenium Ministries

Desiring God Ministries: John Piper - The excellent blog site of Tim Challies

Kingdom People - The excellent blog site of Trevin Wax

Paul Tripp's Blog

Russell Moore's Blog


Book Stores:

Christian Education & Publications Bookstore (Official PCA Bookstore)

Monergism Books

Westminster Bookstore

Great Commissions Publications

Reformation Heritage Books

Christian Focus Publications

Presbyterian & Reformed Publishers 







The Sabbath: Plausibility for Presbyterian Pilgrims by John R. Muether

The Sabbath as a Creation Ordinance by Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.

Proper Sabbath Observance: The Sojourner's Sabbath by Herman C. Hoeksema

Are You Skipping Church for Your Kids' Sports? by Joy Fisher - I think this article starts off strong and makes some good points but then weakens as it goes. Tell me what you think!  


The Sabbath: Plausibility for Presbyterian Pilgrims by John R. Muether

The Sabbath as a Creation Ordinance by Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.

Proper Sabbath Observance: The Sojourner's Sabbath by Herman C. Hoeksema

Are You Skipping Church for Your Kids' Sports? by Joy Fisher - I think this article starts off strong and makes some good points but then weakens as it goes. Tell me what you think!

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